RHINO Shine - Tire Glaze 16fl. oz.
RHINO Shine - Tire Glaze 16fl. oz.
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RHINO Shine - Tire Glaze 16fl. oz.

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RHINO Shine - Tire Glaze:
RHINO Shine - Tire Glaze is a water based high gloss tire dressing that will create wet or matte shine on your tires and black plastic trims. Rhino Shine will also provide UV protection to your tires, helping to keep your tires moisturized and uncracked while exposed to the elements.  The advanced formula will not discolor rubber or plastic.
  1. Water based formula: Bright wet or matte shine.
  2. Black vinyl, rubber, and plastic restoration.
  3. Helps protect and moisturize rubbers and plastics.
  4. Safe to use in engine compartment.
  5. Manufactured and Packaged in USA: This wheel cleaner has been tested time and time again, being used everyday at our award winning, yelp loving, professional detail shop in Huntington Beach, CA.

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