Rhino Detailing - Single Stage Polish


RHINO’s Single Stage Polish (RHINO Detail) Package is for those vehicles that suffer from minor to light scratches, have paint contamination and/or fading. The Package includes RHINO's signature hand wash and clay bar treatment to clear away any debris and paint contamination.  With a solid base for detail, the vehicle receives a single stage polish to help blend in minor to light scratches and remove any paint contamination and/or fading, leaving the exterior of the vehicle shining more than ever.  Once completed, the vehicle is properly waxed for paint protection that lasts up to 6-8 months. 

    Prices starting at:

    $349.00 Sedans
    $399.00 Small – Mid size SUVs
    $449.00 Large SUVs and Trucks
    (Additional fees may apply)