Tips to Make Your Car Shine!!


Before starting on, wash and dry the car thoroughly. This would ensure that no dust particle residue or sand/dirt remains. While waxing, make sure that no direct sunlight falls on the car. Direct sunlight is bad, because the wax will tend to harden on the surface of the car and would be much difficult to remove later on. You can use a wax of your choice but I recommend a carnuba type, since it lasts longer and performs best. Polishes like polymers are ok, but they must be applied frequently. Remember to wax your car at least once in three months.

Cleaning the Motor

Remember to clean the motor at regular intervals. A very small amount of dirt build up on the motor could create high temperature, while working. While cleaning, always remember the basic physics rule, ie., never spray cold water on a hot motor. This could result in as crack or other bad effects. It would be good to use a motor cleaner called a degreaser, this works quite well. You must also make sure that all sensitive items like the alternator, wiring etc. must be covered in water proof manner.

Cleaning the Dashboard

Use an old toothbrush or cotton swabs to clean the tiny nooks and crannies. Instead of paper towels, use terrycloth towel. Paper towels leave little particles. For cleaning the dashboard use a window cleaner itself, since it is a multipurpose one. No need of any special cleaner. While you apply vinyl dressing, take care to avoid parts like the speedometer area. If it gets applied in the speedometer area it would cause a blurring there.

Carpet Cleaning

Dirt and sand particles gets accumulated in the car carpet. To remove this, use a vacuum cleaner and use any water based spotters along with it as well. To remove spots, work on with a spotter treat and with a glass of water. Pour the water into it while vacuuming and this removes the spots effectively.

Hopefully these tips for getting your car to shine and glitter, like new, will help improve the look of your car. Remember that cleaning your car can be quite simple, if you go about it properly. Follow these tips and you will be amazed at the new shine of your old car.

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