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Rhino Mini Detailing *Up to 8 Months of Protection- (more info)


Perfect for vehicles that are new or have been well maintained. Vehicle will be hand washed, Decon then Clayed. Polymer Sealant applied with Soft Orbital D/A then cured to protect the shine and clarity of the from harmful Elements and UV rays.

Product Description


100% Hand wash with Meguiar’s Premium Foam Wash and rinse with DI filtered spotless water.

“Swirl free” foam and lambs wool hand wash with two bucket grit guard technique.

Decon paint and light clay treatment of all surfaces to remove surface contaminants and old wax.

Air blow dry and final touch wipe down with plush Micro Fiber Towel.

Strip off old tire dressing.

Wipe down door jams.

Windows cleaned inside and out.

Complete Vacumm of interior.

Wipe down of dash and center console

Light shampoo of floor mats

Clean wheels and tires then dress tires with Meguiar’s Hyper Dressing.

Wipe Down seats

Restore faded plastic with professional water based dressing

Clean and polish exhaust tips

Clean and dress wheel wells with Meguiar’s Hyper Dressing.

Hand Apply Professional Grade sealant wax with DA Orbital. Cured, then removed with plush Micro Fiber Towels.

Final visual inspection


$149.00 Sedans
$179.00 Small – Mid size SUV’s
$199.00 Large SUVs and Trucks
(Additional fees may apply)

Attention Shoppers:

The prices and packages above is a “general pricing”. Here at Rhino Custom Detailing, we believe that not all cars are equal, therefore, we do recommend having your vehicle evaluated and inspected by one of our expert staff.In many cases, the evaluated price can be lower then the retail price. Of course, in some cases the price might be a little higher.Thank you for choosing Rhino Custom Detailing.