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Tire mounting and Balancing


Tire mounting and Digital Balancing:     $15.00 Each*

*(Oversize, low profile, run flats, and Specialty wheels $20.00)

Tire Rotation: Cars         $4.00 each/ Trucks $5.00 each

Mounting Only:                $10.00

Digital Balancing only:  $10.00

Tear Down Only:              $5.00

Valve Stem Replacement:    $5.00 and up (T.P.S Extra)

Tire Repair:                        $20.00 each

(Some Manufacturers do not recommend tire repairs)

Note: (A tire inspection will be performed to determine if a repair is possible. Not all tires will pass inspection)

Tire disposal fee:              $2.00 Each



Vehicle Lowering Service Labor Rate:


Lowering with just Springs $250.00* (Labor Only)

Lowering with Coil overs $200.00 (Labor Only)

Suspension arms swap $60.00* an hour

Labor an hour $80.00

*Depending on vehicle. Price listed is for common vehicles.



Professional Leather Cleaning and Conditioning:  Starting at $39.99

roof protection

– 303 Aerospace Convertible top Cleaning and Water/UV Proofing Package: $99.00

head light restore

– Rhino’s Custom Headlight restore and Head light protection film with Guaranteed Limited Lifetime Warranty $149.00 Each

engine restore

– Engine and Engine Bay Cleaning and De-greasing: $80.00


– Permanent Odor Treatment by o3 Ozone and UV Lamp Treatment: $40.00 an hour

Alex and Dan working hard!

– Clear Bra PPF Kits starting at $799.00  (Call for detailed pricing)

overspray remove

– Over Spray Paint Removal Starting at $99.00

badge remova

– Decal, Badge Removal Starting at $39.00

nsx before hid

nsx hid after

Super Bright HID Installation with Limited Lifetime Warranty  Starting at $149.00



– Plasti Dip Services. Change the color of anything! Most wheels starting at $69.00 each. (Includes inside and outside of wheels)

LED interior

– LED Interior and Exterior light bulb replacement. Prices Vary

before roof 2

roof after

Vinyl Roof and Hood Wrapping Starting at $199.00

head light tinting

tail light wrap

– Tail light and Headlight Tinting with Lamin-X  Starting at $99.00 Per light

water spot

– Water spot etching removal packages starting at $99.00

scratch before

scratch after

– Scratch and Scuff removal packages starting at $49.99

And More!!!!


If you have any questions or special requests, email us directly using our “Appointments” page:)


Attention Shoppers:

The prices and packages above is a “general pricing”. Here at Rhino Custom Detailing, we believe that not all cars are equal, therefore, we do recommend having your vehicle evaluated and inspected by one of our expert staff.In many cases, the evaluated price can be lower then the retail price. Of course, in some cases the price might be a little higher.Thank you for choosing Rhino Custom Detailing.